How Do We Find a Sense of Belonging?

A beautifully deep exploration of our need to feel connected and at home
Review by Lisa Lindeman, Ph.D.

If you feel alienated or estranged, like a lone wolf with no place in the world, this book is a poignant reminder that you do belong, and you do have a place. Through a blend of personal stories, creative wonderings, incisive commentary, and philosophical exploration, Toko-pa illuminates what it means to belong.

Having Hope for a Better World

A message of encouragement and a path forward
Review by Lisa Lindeman, Ph.D.

If you’ve spent your life wanting to “make the world a better place,” you might be feeling discouraged. Given the endless avalanche of negative news, despair is normal. How do we move forward? Charles Eisenstein delivers powerful words of encouragement. The story we tell about our future is a powerful guide. No one person can fix everything, but one person can trigger transformation.