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If you could speak to someone suffering through grief, loneliness, conflict, or fear, and you could recommend one resource, what would it be?

If you could help a parent or youth worker support the emotional wellness of a child, what resources would you tell them about?

That last great book you read, the one capable of transforming hearts and minds… what did you think about it? How did it impact you or those you care about?

The research paper you digested has a lot to offer, but it’s not accessible to everyone. How would you summarize it in a way that gives others an opportunity to benefit?

IMPACT illustrated is a space for sharing books and other resources you’ve encountered as a therapist, counselor, coach, teacher, researcher, healer, or community builder. Your unique perspective is invaluable. There are countless resources available to individuals and communities for promoting emotional wellness. Which ones have mattered most to you and why?


Contributors have experience successfully helping others achieve greater emotional well-being, heal from trauma, overcome difficult life circumstances, or cultivate genuine happiness.

The only other requirement is a conviction that emotional suffering is a normal part of human life, that we cannot fix it with toxic positivity, bypassing, or get-rich-quick schemes. We are in this together. All emotions have multiple, complex causes that unfold over time. The most helpful resources will be those that honor both inner and outer causes of pain and healing.

You Only Need One

If you have just one resource you’d like to share, and you’re willing to write a few words about its value and impact, please contact us to express your interest in contributing. You may also write to

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Footnote: A photo by Ben White on Unsplash was used as a reference for the illustration above.